Ok, so you have seen people using these new electronic cigarettes and you think they might work for you.  You have gone online and seen a lot of websites offering all manner devices and accessories. But what does it all mean? And where on earth do you start?

We understand that it can all seem a little daunting at first. But trust us, its worth taking the time to find your feet. We hope that this quick guide will help you get started with Electronic Cigarettes and we are confident you wont be disappointed.

First Things First

If you live in Dublin we strongly encourage you to visit one of our retail stores. Our staff meet new customers everyday, then can answer any questions you may have and help you find best combination that works for you.

What Exactly Is An Electronic Cigarette?Electronic-Cigarette

An Electronic Cigarette (E-Cig) is a device that simulates the process of tobacco smoking. However it has only a handful of natural ingredients as opposed to the thousands of chemicals found in actual cigarettes. Unlike a real cigarette , an E-Cig does not combust (or burn) tobacco, but rather heats a liquid solution to create vapor, that can then be inhaled. It is not unlike a kettle, in that an element heats up liquid, which then turns in vapor. So while it feels like smoking and looks like smoking , there is no actual smoke involved in  an Electronic Cigarette , only vaporised liquid.

The liquid solution(E-Juice) that is vaporised can contain nicotine of varying strengths. This makes the Electronic Cigarette an ideal alternative nicotine delivery system. Ecirette stocks all kinds of E-Juice in a wide variety of flavors and nicotine strengths, we also stock E-Juice that has no nicotine whatsoever.

Who Invented The Electronic Cigarette?

The Electronic Cigarette was invented by Hon Lik, a Chinese pharmacist working for the Golden Dragon of Hong Kong. It was first introduced in 2003 and since then many changes have been made but the basic concept has remained the same.

What Are All The Different Elements That Make The Electronic Cigarette?

Typically an Electronic Cigarette is made up of three separate elements. The Battery + The Atomising Device + The E-Liquid. These three elements combined make up a whole Electronic Cigarette, they can purchased and assembled separately or in the case of disposable of disposable E-Cigs that are all together in a single unit.

Lets Break Down Each of These Elements:



The battery provides the electric power the atomizer needs to generate heat which in turn produces vapor from the eLiquid. Disposable E-Cigs use a non rechargeable battery, so when the battery runs flat, you throw away the entire device. However we also sell many re-chargeable batteries, which can be reused iover an extended period of time.

Electronic Cigarette Battery Types

For the most part we sell two different types of battery. The 510 which is about the size of a normal cigarette and the larger eGo battery. There are others and variations on each, but those are the basic two.

The 510 batteries have a short lifespan and require repeated recharging. But it is a small and discrete battery.

The eGo batteries do not need to be charged as often, produce a more powerful vape but they are physically larger than the 510.

Most people who start out will eventually switch to larger eGo batteries, as they do provide more bang for your buck.

The life of each battery is solely dependent on how much you are vaping. No one can tell you how long a battery will last before needing to be re-charged, it all depends on how much you use it. Each battery will also need a battery charger. Most chargers are the screw in type, you screw on end of the battery into the charger and the other end plugs into a USB connection.

Electronic Cigarettes battery chargers may be wall type, car type or USB from a computer.

Ecirette stocks several types of batteries that can vary in voltage strength, size and power. But it is best to start with one of our simple eGo batteries and take things form there.



(Also referred to as  cartomizer / carto / clearomizer / tank)

Usually made of a plastic or glass material, composes the mouth end of the Electronic Cigarette, a liquid storage area and the vaporizer (also called an “atomizer”). When screwed onto the battery it sends an electrical charge to the catomizer which then heats up a “coil” which burns the liquid inside the cartomizer, this process produces the vapor you inhale.

Ecirette has a wide variety of vaporizers to choose from, the vary in size , color and construction, but they all do the same thing, turn your E-liquid into vapor.



So you have your battery and your vaporizer , now you need some liquid to actually vape.

Ecirette stocks a variety of flavors and strengths of E-Liquid. Nicotine concentrations depend on the your choice and are generally listed as a number. For example 18mg means 18 milligrams of nicotine by volume. 18mg happens to be the number that is most closely associated with the amount of nicotine in a ordinary cigarette. We stock E-Liquid with high volumes of nicotine to no nicotine at all.  You may need to try a few different strengths to find out what works best for you.

In addition to the nicotine strength you can also choose from a wide range of flavors. If you are currently a smoker you may want to choose a tobacco style flavor. But we also stock a huge amount of different from fruit to chocolate and countless more in between. You can also choose flavorless E-liquid which has no discernible taste or smell.

So that is all the info you really need to know to get started on your vaping journey. Remember all you need is a battery , a vaporizer and some E-liquid and you are good to go. If you like you can buy one of our starter packs, which has all the hardware you need to get started, all you need to do then is buy some E-liquid to get started.

And remember if you have any questions or are still a bit baffled by all this, please contact us, we would be more than delighted to advise you and help you find what works best for your needs.

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