Recently, amongst vendors and vape enthusiasts alike, there has been a call to the producers of eLiquid to post their product test results. In particular, people want to know whether they are inhaling Diacetyl and Acetyl Propionyl.

As these results start to role in, we at Ecirette welcome the effort from the producer industry and we link the results which are relevant to our products here on our website., so you can find them the most comfortable way and be sure you buy high quality products free of Diacetyl and Acetyl Propionyl.

Click on the eLiquid producer icons below to go straight to their test results.




What are Diacetyl and Acetyl Propionyl?

Diacetyl and Acetyl Propionyl are flavoring components that have been known to cause serious lung issues when inhaled. Halo does not produce eLiquids that include either of these two substances.

Originally, Diacetyl – also known as 2,3-butanedione – was used to accomplish buttery flavors in food products. It was most commonly used in the production of microwavable popcorn. Inhalation of Diacetyl damages lung function through obliterative bronchiolitis. Per the Center for Disease Control it can cause lung disease, chronic scarring and severe narrowing of the bronchiole airways. With enough exposure, a lung transplant may even be required to avoid suffocation.

Acetyl Propionyl – a.k.a. 2,3-pentanedione – is a flavoring similar to Diacetyl that is commonly found in vanilla, custard and buttery flavor profiles. It is also used as a solvent for paints, inks and lacquers. When heated and inhaled, Acetyl Propionyl can damage the lining of the respiratory tract and cause fibrosis – the formation of excess connective tissue – in the lungs. The CDC has also found that the inhalation of Acetyl Propionyl changes gene expression in the brain.