Aspire Degerm Sterilizer


Aspire Degerm Sterilizer

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The Aspire Degerm sterilizer adopts a higher level of UV disinfection rays to
sterilize items in a 360-degree orientation with UV light effectively. Any
bacteria which is present on the drip tip gets wiped out instantly in just 30

The Degerm sterilizer is ultra-portable and small. It is equipped with a
protection cap to avoid dust integration when being carried.

With only a one-button, Degerm is super easy to operate. Just place the drip
tip into the Degerm, click the button three times after turning on the device,
and start sterilizing. The LED lights will indicate the working status. After finish
cleaning, the device will stop automatically.


1 x Aspire Degerm Sterilizer

1 x USB Type-C Cable

1 x User Manual


Ultra Portable

Easy to Operate

400mAh Battery Capacity

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